Since the original Bowler's Tape was invented by Chris Keller, many companies have tried to duplicate the original product, but have failed over and over again. Mr. Keller's vision of The Bowler's Tape was to supply a product that could modify the grip of a thumb hole in a bowling ball without leaving any residue behind. As WE ALL  know this is not the case in any of the products made available to us today. With the help of Mr. Keller we at have searched worldwide to find the raw material and the craftsmanship to supply a product as good, or even better. Introducing BOWLERS TAPE: INVENTOR'S RESERVE.........

real bowlers tape*

Three sizes

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You can purchase as many 500 piece rolls or 50 piece sample packs as you need directly from us, the manufacturer, from this website. Just go to the "Purchase Now" area to purchase the best tape for bowling.

Bowler's Tape Inventor's Reserve comes in three common sizes, 1", 3/4", and 1/2" . With 500 piece rolls or 50 piece sample packs, it will last a long time, giving you the perfect texture, while leaving no residue when removed.

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